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Criminal defense attorney Northport, NY


  • White Collar: insurance and mortgage fraud, SEC related crimes. 
  • Violent Crimes: murder, RICO, conspiracy, weapons posessions/sales, drug
    posessions/sales, grand larceny, burglary, robbery, assault, domestic violence.


  • Fraudulent accidents, medical claims, and mortgage fraud

  • Felonies/misdemeanors

  • Contraband cigarettes

  • Depositions


Private Investigations Northport, NY

Smith Law & Investigations provides its associates and investigators with numerous resources to support investigations, including experienced investigative analysts, technical equipment specialists, polygraph examiners, information technology specialists, investigators trained in computer forensics, forensic accountants as well as individuals trained in locating assets. 


  • Demonstrative Evidence includes Photography and Diagrams.


  • Digital Evidence covers both Computer Examinations and Digital Image Enhancement.


  • Scene Investigation, Scene Protection, Scene Processing and Scene Reconstruction.

  • Courtroom Testimony.


  • Physical Evidence includes Fingerprints, Impression Evidence- shoe prints, tire prints and bite marks; Trace Evidence and DNA.


  • Testimonial Evidence covering both Interviews, Statements, recorded and written and Statement Analysis.

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Peter S. Smith, ESQ.


Peter S. Smith, Esq. began his career working for the Pinkerton Agency’s Mineola, New York office as a specially trained undercover operative who worked discreetly in various company settings to ascertain information concerning problems such as theft, substance abuse, workplace violations, fraud, and compliance issues.

After graduating college Smith joined the Nassau County, NY Police Department. After serving in patrol, Smith was assigned to the elite Highway Patrol Bureau, where he was trained and qualified as an Ambulance Medical Technician; Breathalyzer operator; RADAR and VASCAR expert. Additional police assignments included police academy instructor; accident investigations and plainclothes undercover assignments where he assisted narcotics detectives in buy and bust operations. After he retired early from a line-of-duty injury, Smith attended law school in the evenings.

During law school, Smith served as an investigator for the NYS Attorney General’s Office and then as a Paralegal Specialist in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, L.I. Criminal Division, EDNY under US Attorney EDNY Loretta Lynch.

Upon graduating from law school, Smith joined the Suffolk County, NY District Attorneys Office as an Assistant in the District Court; East End; Case Advisory and Special Investigations Bureaus.  Smith was promoted first to Unit Insurance Crimes Bureau, which he had helped create with District Attorney Tom Spota.

In one notable major investigation described as the largest to date in US history, Smith and his subordinates in Insurance Crimes uncovered a major insurance scam involving fake motorcycle accidents that led to convictions of more than 400 individuals, including restitution to insurers in excess of $10 million (People of the State of New York v. Motokraft, et al).

Later, Smith created a special Insurance Fraud Task Force consisting of investigators from the major insurance carriers, NYS Police investigators; FBI; National Insurance Crime Bureau agents; Suffolk County and local police. Smith’s task force uncovered a major medical fraud scam ring involving numerous Brooklyn, New York no-fault clinics (People of the State of New York v. G&G Medical Associates, et al). Working with federal prosecutors, hundreds of individuals were indicted, including one notable surgeon, Gregory Perrier, MD, who committed suicide shortly before surrendering to begin his federal prison sentence.  (See United States of America v. Perrier, 08-cr-00069, EDNY).

After leaving public service, Peter Smith worked under contract with first the Robert Plan and then AutoOne Insurance Companies, where he conducted investigations uncovering fraudulent billing practices.  His work saved one insurer more than $1 million dollars in net dollars after fraudulent medical providers withdrew lawsuits based upon the results of Smith’s investigation.

Smith’s law and investigations practice specializes in criminal defense and investigations involving white collar; insurance fraud and crimes of violence. He is currently admitted to practice in New York State, as well as the U.S. Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.

In another notable case, Smith was retained to assemble a “dream team” of defense attorneys in a death eligible case in the Eastern District of New York, where he was responsible for coordinating and supervising the defense investigation. Smith managed a monthly investigative budget of $150,000.00 and hired, supervised and coordinated assignments involving a staff of ten investigators and support staff (United States v. Rodney A. Morrison, 04-CR-699 (DRH), Eastern District of New York ).

After a six month jury trial, Morrison was acquitted of charges including murder for hire, racketeering, robbery and arson. The Honorable Denis Hurley later dismissed post verdict the RICO Conspiracy count. Smith’s investigation was credited with locating evidence of misconduct, which resulted in, inter alia, Morrison’s proffer statements being excluded for all purposes. This was only the second reported instance wherein a defendant’s proffer statements were excluded and it allowed the matter to proceed to trial. Smith also coordinated the witness background investigations resulting in a large quantity of impeachment material, causing the government to alter their witness strategy.

Later, Smith was retained to conduct the defense investigation in the United States v. Sandra Hatfield and David H. Brooks, et al., also in the EDNY. This investigation, with a million dollar plus budget, involved locating and interviewing more that 100 witnesses.

In this case, Smith worked with New York attorneys James “Jimmy” LaRossa and Ira Lee “Ike” Sorkin; veteran Washington attorney Richard Ben-Veniste; Philadelpha attorney Ian Comiskey; Harvard Law School Professor Charles Ogletree, and Baltimore attorneys Kenneth Ravenell and Billy Murphy. Smith and his investigator’s work product was requested by and turned over to the U.S. Department of Justice for further investigation by the Public Integrity Section.

The Law Office of Peter S. Smith, PLLC has been nationally recognized and Peter's efforts have been featured in Fortune magazine (“Inside Operation BORIS”) and more recently in Toronto’s Globe and Mail, December 27, 2010, (“How New, Complex Fraud Hits Premiums”). 

Smith may be contacted directly at 

(631) 897-9374 (cell) or toll free at (866) 761-0184.

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